Get ahead of Risk in your cloud and SaaS APIs with the power of AI

Data Secrets makes your risk management and compliance simpler, smarter and more efficient. Track data lineage and data access across your entire environment using AI-based technology and real-time monitoring to stay ahead of your data governance risks.

Why Data Secrets?

Your data-related risks are as decentralized as your data.
Data Secrets gives you visibility, risk analysis, and a plan for remediation.


Customer Support
Identify risks to your sensitive customer data across internal and third party applications
Cloud/Cloud Native
Monitor and remediate data protection risks across cloud repositories and cloud native solutions
Locate and manage personal data across your complete marketing and CRM infrastructure
SQL Risk
Apply policy-based rulesets to SQL lineage to quantify risk and manage remediation
API Monitoring
Real-time monitoring of data moving across APIs gives you greater visibility into risk
SaaS Applications
Track your data as it moves through your application ecosystem, enabling better risk and compliance management

Add Data Secrets to your Data Governance Framework

Incorporating Data Secrets along side your existing privacy and security tools can immediately increase the reliability and effectiveness of your existing controls and risk management processes.

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Data Secrets enables businesses to get ahead of risks arising from cloud and SaaS applications, and APIs, using artificial intelligence. Our solutions are focused on identifying risk wherever applications are accessing your data -- in the public cloud, in SaaS applications, and on-premises -- and using rulesets derived from applicable laws (like CCPA and GDPR) to prioritize your risk mitigation tasks. Data Secrets is making privacy risk assessment and data governance more effective by filling a gap in today’s manual and reactive solutions, bringing to market real-time risk monitoring, assessment, and remediation powered by advanced AI. The Data Secrets solutions address the unique data protection challenges of today’s most data intensive industries, including financial services, media, healthcare, information technology, across marketing, sales, customer support automation, and all parts of the digital data supply-chain.

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